CQ Sapphire Preforms

CQ Sapphire Preforms is a business established to market and sell preformed Central Queensland Sapphires

What are Preformed Sapphires?

Central Queensland Preformed sapphires are sapphires from the Central Queensland Gemfields that have been carefully selected from high-quality rough sapphire material and cut to a predetermined shape ready to be faceted.

Only the best unheated natural rough sapphire directly from our mining partners is selected and cut creating preform pieces ready to facet.

Why buy Preformed Sapphires?

Acquiring preformed sapphires is a smart and efficient way for both amateur and professional gem cutters everywhere to buy partially processed sapphires because the task of selecting the final shape of the sapphire has already been undertaken by Rod our expert CQ Sapphire cutter.

Buying preformed sapphires significantly reduces the risk of acquisition of sub-standard rough material and material that may either purposefully or inadvertently misrepresented.

Rod has extensive experience in cutting Central Queensland Sapphires and uses his wealth of knowledge of mining, processing, and cutting of  CQ Sapphires to produce the final preform pieces. He assesses each rough piece and considers both yield and orientation to deliver the best possible gemstone ready to be faceted.

How do I buy Preformed Sapphires

Our preformed sapphires are sold in parcels. We create parcels of preforms with a various number of pieces, sizes and shapes and present these for sale in the online shops. Access to the online shops is open to both amateur and professional gem cutters via a vetted registration process. 

Each parcel will have the total parcel weight and each specific pieces' weight and size listed.

The price listed will be for the full parcel. No parcels will be broken and no selection of individual pieces is allowed. 

Traceability and Sourcing Information

We know the source and history of the rough material from the specific region in the Central Queensland Gemfields for each preformed piece.

Quality Assurance

Our preforms meet our own high-quality expectations with only cuttable fracture free gems included in the parcels. Having said this, from time to time natural inclusions may be evident in any given preform.

Although each preform is meticulously inspected after cutting, no warranty on the final finished gemstone size or quality is given. 

We only source Central Queensland Sapphire.